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Oft times overwhelmed by the grace of God

It is really mind boggling to me how God causes things and meetings to happen.

I sat in a restaurant, possibly reestablishing a relationship with my girlfriend of ten years, after another of our long periods of absence from each other. She had asked me, during our conversation, if I could run her by the market. So in leaving I opted to take the freeway, as it is much faster. I missed my turn to enter the freeway and had to make a turn around, which took a couple of extra minutes. I am trying to save time mind you. 

Made it up and onto the freeway only to find all traffic stopped. That does not happen unless there is a huge accident, or something ghastly has happened. Now I am forced to exit onto another freeway going the opposite direction. Honestly, most times something like this happens I tend to come undone, but for some reason I am just thinking oh well. I am not in unfamiliar territory though and there is another exit off the freeway, though it was a bit of a press I got off there. The girlfriend suggests that we go to the market that is near this exit, and there you go, the problem is solved.

This is where it all starts to click. I am taken on this huge, circuitous route, to the other end of town. Perhaps, in a sense, against my will (There's a concept for you) to a market that I have only seen as we drive by on occasion. As we are shopping a man is staring at me. I do not find this threatening, but a little uncomfortable. Alright, where do I know this guy from? He approaches and asks “do you know me?” NO, but as we talked I realize that I am familiar with him. I can remember some of the exact same lines that he used when speaking to the audience previously. I can tell you that back then my head was not in this same place, for I thought he was arrogant, foolish, and full of himself back then. Oh lord, will you release me from this body of sin. It is these ugly moments of realization that make me understand Paul's plea, and the answer: “oh thank God, He will.”

This is an answer to prayer, a longing that my spirit has been crying out for, for I do not feel that I get the depth of teaching that I desire, and I so want to be better equipped in terms of Christian apology. If you are unfamiliar with that concept it lends itself to being able to defend what you believe. I am not looking for fights with people, but as an example a man at work who knows I am a Believer asked me what he could say to the Jehovah witness guy that is attempting to convert him. I do not have a solid path in my head, and therefore no good answer for him. I suggested a book I have attempted to wade through, The Kingdom of the Cults, by Walter Martin. There is more information than I think I needed in that book. 

My meeting that night, with this man, at this time, was no accident. This was completely arranged by God, and I need to follow up on this. I also realize that this could also be a wake up call having to do with judging on my part.

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