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Jesus, merely a created being.

What some groups teach about Jesus and the Bible's response Adapted from Rose Publications, Christianity, Cults & Religions, 7th Edition
My disclaimer upfront: I do not agree with this belief. I am though reaffirming my beliefs and hoping to impact others. Another thing you need to know about me is that I am just a guy that is trying to put intelligent thought down on paper; something that I have never been very good at. So if you are going to criticize, be kind.
John 10:30 GW “The Father and I are one." Even the trained pharisees and rabbis that he said this to did not accept his statements. They were more than willing to stone him for blasphemy. I find it such an oddity that the world can say He never made any statements declaring that He was God. Are you serious. You only prove that you do not read the scriptures when you say something like that, for the crowd before him heard it. They even restated it back to Him and tried to kill him by throwing him off a hill on one o…