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Why I write.

Why do I write?

I think it started as a desire to understand God. Having spent all those years growing up in the church I am painfully aware of what the religious folk taught me, but I needed to know for myself. I am really quite excited about what I have found, because I either had to or chose to look for myself. On the one hand I could easily say I was lied to, but the truth is that they only tried to impress upon me the concepts that had been passed along to them (perhaps they were trying to make reality something they thought children could understand). I do not think that excuses those in authority from reading the truth themselves and passing along a correct understanding. Read the scriptures, you will find that God speaks consistently, with some anger, about shepherds that lead the flock astray. Why? Because it allows the flock to be destroyed. As I think about the time frame, I have systematically been reading God's Word about eight years. Someone recently said to m…

A response to a blogger. Dated 5/15/2012

There are some things I read that register immediately in my spirit; this response is toward one of them. The Holy Spirit seems to flood over me at times like this, not only in recognition of a kindred spirit, but of the power and majesty of the Holy God.

I will be honest with you. With out knowing what you had to say I almost dreaded seeing any replies. Most who have made contacts with me on earlier posts no longer do so. One fellow went on a strange attack.

Do I fear them? No. Can they cause me some form of depression? Yes. I have to shake that stuff off.

What the rebuffs and rejections do to me, is to make me more determined. I wish I wrote more intelligibly and could get these words, I feel are of the Holy Spirit, directly to those that need to hear it.
You know most will reject it.

5/14/12 - I went to Monday morning bible study with a group of guys I met at the coffee shop. Quite the mix they are. Only one of the Catholic brothers was there and he was asking for a defi…

Don't let the enemy rob you.

I love the story surrounding Issac and Rebekah. If I had been Abraham I would have wanted the best for my “only son” too.
The father of faith, Abraham, will not have his son marry one of the local women for they do not know, nor honor God. So he sends his servant to the land of his relatives to get a wife.
Nothing about that process seems good for there are far too many variables involved, even the servant knew that, but the servant demonstrated some remarkable insight and applies some logic, faith, and we bit of a test, and God comes through with the quick answer.
Rebekah comes off as remarkable in the first few seconds, and she demonstrates some traits that would have made her the prize of any man. I wish I had met her. Eventually Issac and Rebekah become man and wife, the family grows, and the boys choose wives of their own.
Anyone familiar with this fairy tale scenario knows that it is filled with some twisted human dynamics. I am not a psychologist, but have had to deal with a tr…

The Coming Termination of the Church age