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Changing the narrative

The guest speaker at Church was Johhny Enroe. I have seen his name listed among other prophetic speakers, but I am usually unimpressed by that stuff. Mr. Enroe said, we need to change our narrative, for if we are focused upon the events and situations going on around us, then we will miss out on God’s best for our lives. He rapidly named off the Bilderberg group, New World Order, and The Illuminati (A loose playback.) He continued to say, “It is time for a new narrative, a new mindset.”
What are you talking about? Webster’s dictionary states: NARRATIVE, n. The recital of a story, or a continued account of the particulars of an event or transaction; story.
It is possible that what Johhny Enroe was saying had more to do with the things we are verbally repeating, hence impacting our outlook on life, negating what God is capable of. But that did not seem to be the context of his message.
We are not supposed to be ignorant about what is going on around us. As I began posting information ab…

Breakfast with the guys

I walk in late and find the bible study group heavily involved in a discussion about naval strategy, Japanese zeros, and how one man of our group survived a kamikaze pilot missing the ship he was on by forty feet. I sat down and said nothing - for two reasons: I have never been involved in combat; I had no idea what motivated the conversation. As I was finishing my breakfast a clue finally arises as to what triggered this conversation – Luke 11:21. So let’s take a look at that verse together. Luke 11:21 NIV "When a strong man, fully armed, guards his own house, his possessions are safe.
If you had to take this at face value what might you learn from it? It comes off as a strong position that possibly defends the right to do violence in protecting one’s personal property. One of the men in our group quickly states that a Senator recently quoted this verse, in a public forum defining America’s right and reason, for not only going to war, but the budget behind it. I am not so su…