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Your glory on earth

"I have shown your glory on earth"John 17:4 GNB I have shown your glory on earth; I have finished the work you gave me to do. The first thing that enters my thinking is what did he do? I know what he did, he healed them all; he raised the dead; he told them of the kingdom; he told them he was God. Ask yourself, has he died yet? No; then he is talking about things that he did in human form, subject to everything that we are, and yet he did it. 
"his principal work was to declare his Father's mind and will, his love and grace;"Gill's commentary 
In looking at John 16 I had mentioned that Jesus had come to save and heal the broken, wounded, dying, and lost. He came representing the Father. For those who had a damaged father image this would be difficult to accept, and I asked the question, how do you repair those wounds and regain confidence? Through a repetitious and consistent pattern of love. 
Jesus just said that he had done that. For three and a half year…

It's already here!

Chapter 17, like 16 begins mid-thought. To start there seems inappropriate, so I recap just a bit. For the time is coming (John 16:2) Everything about this statement screams excitement. For the disciples it was mixed with pain and sorrow, and yet their time was just around the corner. For those of us that read these passages today the time has already come. There are many who believe that he is still speaking in mystic code, and there are many who believe that the time of God that scripture is speaking plainly to us about, passed with the disciples. In speaking to the disciples, trying to comfort them and at the same time telling them what their future would be like, he said, (I am going to give this to you in a variety of versions because the traditional one just does not convey what he was saying and some versions are even mysterious.)- Something close to standard: John 16:25 MKJV I have spoken these things to you in parables, but the time is coming when I shall no more speak…

Papa, are we there yet?

The disciples, in ways they were much like the grand kids on a longer trip saying, "papa, are we there yet?"

But how much do I still sound like this, for sometimes I find myself doing and thinking the same things as the disciples did.

John 16, it seems, should be the epic heroes tale, with Jesus as the hero telling his troops (the boys) about the things of the future, a conquering victor, a life with that victor, and an end of the story that is beyond comprehension and belief, for nothing has ever turned out that good, except for one thing; this life they have lived in his presence.

Now if that is the way they thought then the idea of Jesus leaving them must have been unconscionable. If you are honest as you read chapter 16 you can see what I am talking about.

I did not lead this last Sunday, our co-leader did, but I always go ready; one never knows, besides, didn't Paul, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, tell us that we are to be ready all the time…