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Just where is heaven supposed to be?

I was asked, “are we going up into heaven, or is heaven coming down to earth, and just where is heaven supposed to be if the earth is destroyed?”
They seem like foolish questions that really have no importance to our lives, but it seems to be the question that runs through the back of minds of most believers, and not just followers of Christ, every religion has a concept of an afterlife. It is after all, our hope. One of the things that give us trouble when we try to understand something like heaven is our tendency to look at things so literally. Let me explain: You will find the word all repeatedly throughout the bible, and it tends to apply to judgment or battles where the enemy or a nation is supposed to have been entirely wiped out. A simplistic understanding demonstrates that for the most part, that did not happen. In other instances all Israel bowed and agreed to some covenant of repentance several times, and yet you can read that moments later some are found doin…