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And those who had conquered the beast. Revelation 15:2-4

The Apostle John described what he saw – good news mixed with bad; bad only in the regard that those on the earth at this time will have to endure more tortuous wrath. Question: What do you believe? If you are “non-religious” - meaning you refuse to take part in any religion, as you are a religion unto yourself, then you either have no idea what to believe; or, you merely refuse anything that conflicts with you personal moral standard. You noted that I said you are a religion unto yourself, that is because you have a moral standard upon which your personal religious system is based. To prove you have a moral standard consider a few examples and ask yourself how you would honestly react: To someone raping your wife or little daughter? If someone stole your drugs or personal belongings? To someone trying to kill you? Why would it matter to you? It matters because you have a moral standard and there are some things that are just not right, even to you. The next, and obvious question is, …

What are some of the signs that tell us we are in the last days?

English: Jesus entering Jerusalem on a donkey (Photo credit: Wikipedia) The Monday morning “bible” study initiated with the topic: “What are some of the signs that tell us we are in the last days?” I love introductions like this, because they can be filled with hope. However that was not the case this day. Immediately we were presented with the following scriptures: Matthew 24:14; Matthew 24:33, and Matthew 24:42-44. Let's start where they started. Matthew 24:14 EMTV And this good news of the kingdom will be proclaimed in all the world for a testimony to all the nations, and then the end will come. Try to imagine where your thoughts go, when you have this verse thrown in your face by some legalistic “brother”, trying to prove that Jesus cannot come back because we know with a certainty that there are 114 people groups that do not have bibles in their language. That is what I heard about a year ago. Fascinating how Iran made the bible illegal probably since 1979, and yet Jesus himself …