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Gifts from God, meant to benefit the body.

Tuesdays are the day our afternoon Bible study meets. I was to be taking it over, so to speak, about a month ago, but that did not happen. The man that had been leading and was supposed to take a job in Texas is still here, and may not leave at all. We tried to tag team for a short time, alternating weeks, but our styles are drastically different and therefore incompatible. In other words, he is a sprinter, and I am more of a marathon runner. I do not care how fast I go; I just want to make sure I have covered all the ground possible without tedious boredom. We finished Genesis, and because he lead us on short sprints through the remaining chapters, we missed a world of detail on which to focus. How did I handle that, you ask? Whether you asked or not, I am going to tell you. I made a verse by verse commentary on approximately the last ten chapters of Genesis. This commentary would have been my teaching notes. Should you be interested, they can be found at https://tuesdaybiblebites.w…

Jacob has died, now what will Joseph do? Genesis chapter 50

Genesis 50 09/14/16 Osmer Harris Prelude: Chapter 49 of Genesis has Jacob giving the official blessing to his sons and then his death. One of the things we see is Jacob calling Joseph to his side and telling him not to leave his bones in Egypt. So, when Jacob dies what does Joseph do? Pharaoh, the king of ancient Egypt, is often depicted wearing the nemes headdress and an ornate kilt. Based on New Kingdom tomb paintings. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)He goes to Pharaoh and requests permission. Now, why would the number two man in Egypt need to ask Pharaoh for the leave to bury his father? We are not given that answer, though the answer may be right before our faces. The idea that dominates my thinking on this is respect; not only for the man but his position. And, why not? Didn't Pharaoh give Joseph a tremendous amount of grace and leeway when he extracted him from prison and placed him in the position of number two man in Egypt? The one stipulation to Joseph's job and position is th…