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Will we have to go through the tribulation?

Then I heard a loud voice from the temple, saying to the seven angels, "Go and pour out on the earth the seven bowls of the wrath of God."(Revelation 16:1 NASB) Make note of the words, “the wrath of God.” If you do not know my blog and how I think, then may I make something clear. This time, that is coming upon the earth, often called the day of the Lord, is not the tribulation; it is the time of wrath. Tribulation, as Jesus put it, is a way of life for the believer. Even my mother asked me, will we have to go through the tribulation? Because I see events already upon us that look and sound like aspects of God's wrath during the seven-year period, it is possible that we are already there. Add to this the testimony of a young Jewish boy. Jewish only by nationality at the time of his testimony, he died, went to heaven, spoke extensively with Jesus – the Messiah, and one of the things he said as he was questioned by the rabbis, was that we are in the last seven years. I cou…
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Gabriel Brings an Answer, but to what? Daniel chapter 9 part two.

I can't believe I did that! What you might ask? I glanced over Daniel nine and found myself wanting to ignore about half of it. Why? Because at first look it seems like it is merely one man's conversation with God. Daniel does not seem to say anything in particular, and he states the obvious, Israel, the nation and people have sinned. Mind you these aspects are not the major topic here and maybe I didn't need to bring any of that up, but as I prepared these notes so that I could lead appropriately, I was reminded by the Holy Spirit that there is nothing insignificant in God's word. I felt prompted after that to pay close attention to what Daniel was saying. I found some amazing insights into the man Daniel, and some correlations between what he said and what we do in recovery. For example: in recovery, we take ownership of the wrongs we have done to others. In the case of Israel, their sins were many, but ignoring God's commands is a huge mistake. I thought about thi…

Daniel chapter 9, the seventy weeks of years.

In everything I do, I feel I am learning a new lesson. Because one of the groups of men I sit with, subjects ourselves to a false teacher each week (not everyone that sits through the Monday morning Bible Study feels this way,) several of us recognize the painful tedium we subject ourselves to. We all find ourselves asking why we attend and the answer is universally the same for all who see what is going on there. We need fellowship with other faithful men. From my point of view, there are four or five men who have a solid understanding of God's Word, His nature, and His character (These aspects have become utmost in my thinking lately.)
One of the brothers avidly follows another of our false teachers as he carries his twisted gospel to the hamburger stand I used to frequent. I have challenged his reasons and he always leans upon the same thing, that brother is a good friend of mine and we have been through much together.
I get it. There is no denying the value of someone, no mat…

Nebuchadnezzar's dream. Daniel chapter 2

As the self-appointed pastor of the hamburger stand was losing his voice I was asked to step up and lead the Bible study. My friends and I had been through two years of tedium as the leader of the Monday morning Bible study guided us through his convoluted ideas about the Revelation and the Millenial reign; so when I asked them what they would like to have me cover, they strangely jumped at the idea of Daniel's interpretation of Nebuchadnezzar's statue.

What I am giving you are the notes that I put together in order to lead a Bible study on Daniel chapter two. I will tell you that we had a great time.

What I am giving you are the notes that I put together in order to lead a Bible study on Daniel chapter two but especially Nebuchadnezzar's statue. I will tell you that we had a great time.

Forgive the artwork but it made the point.

The head of fine gold; the first Kingdom
Daniel 2:38 You O' King are that head of Gold.

Breast and arms of silver; the second kingdom
Daniel 2:3…