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Responses to a christian friend. Part 1

This is what the friend wrote:  "GENESIS 1:26 AND JOHN 1:1-5 AND HEBREWS 5:7 AND JOHN 14:30-31 JOHN 17:1-8 . WHAT DO THESE SCRIPTURES MEAN? THEIR ARE MORE BUT I DON'T WANT TO OVER LOAD MY BRAIN." How does one respond to this because it is a loaded question, but if you were asked, and you had the time to give each one some thought what would you say. Although I cannot swear to it, my understanding of computer chat speak tells me that writing in all caps is like yelling. If that is the case I think there is a lot going on in the background that I don't know about.
I prefer to think that God is exciting and passionately in love with us. This might motivate him to give us information that drives us in our desire to find out more about him. Tearing apart verses does that for me. I may not do the best job of it, and I cannot stand relaying my explanations in words so big that few can understand, let alone me, but I try; plus it gives me a tremendous sense of satisfaction. 

Thoughts on reincarnation and hell

I struggle to find clarity, but here goes.

One Friday evening I was sitting in the locker room at work, reading the book "Playing with Fire"; a book intended to spark an interest in reading the word of God correctly, in context, with the purpose of seeing the overall picture and heart of God. While sitting there a fellow employee came in, looking rather depressed, so I asked how they were doing. Part of their answer involved someone telling them they were not a Christian because of their beliefs. She went on to explain some of her beliefs. I must say I was shocked and disappointed.

Allow me to focus on couple of things.

He, God, really does love us, but not making the effort to learn God's heart through reading his word, and playing with the world's concepts, clouds our image of who He is and what his plan is for our lives. Hardly a person walking the earth has not heard John 3:16. "For God so loved the world that He gave his only Son". There was nothing requ…