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The head that was wounded

Rev 13:3  And I saw one of its heads as having been slain to death, and its deadly wound was healed. And all the earth marveled after the beast.

When you read, attempt to read as though you are reading it for the first time. Look for the context of what is being said.

God intended for this book of Revelation, especially, to be read and understood. He even promised a special blessing to those who make it their mind to understand it.

Having gained some insight into how the Islamic mind thinks I can tell you that the book of Revelation is suddenly making all the sense in the world to me. How that would have happened previously, with the strange ideas that we had and taught, I am not sure, but many tried. Sadly we ostracized our Catholic neighbors by tying far to many of the anti-Christ characteristics to the Roman Catholic church, and by the way it did us no good.

Suddenly, it would seem that Islam has arisen, and frightening as it seems, it fits like a glove the things John saw all those years ago.

There can be only one good reason for what I believe is a sudden clarity, God wants us to be aware and prepared, not with guns, and food so we can hide out in bunkers, but to strengthen those that may remain.

Demonstrate God's love at every opportunity, and pray that God opens peoples eyes and make himself real to them. This is happening in greater numbers than we will ever be aware of while these people live under these oppressive regimes.

Heads G2776
Thayer Definition:
1) the head, both of men and often of animals. Since the loss of the head destroys life, this word is used in the phrases relating to capital and extreme punishment.
2) metaphorically anything supreme, chief, prominent
2a) of persons, master lord: of a husband in relation to his wife
2b) of Christ: the Lord of the husband and of the Church
2c) of things: the corner stone

Men do not have multiple heads, so why then do we refer to this a man?

The spirit has given male and female personifications to metaphoric entities all throughout Revelation and in other books of the bible.

In terms of entities receiving the death blow, the Ottoman empire was the last great empire on earth. It encompassed the nations that we are seeing arise today, as well as Turkey and those countries across the Caucasus mountain range.

Because they flexed their muscles too much, too often, they were trounced and the world thought them dead. Turkey, Egypt, Saudi, Libya, and many others became quasi-democratic dictatorships. Setting aside some of the tenants of Islam in exchange for the riches of the world. Consider the disgusting wealth of the ruling Saudis.

What we have seen is a rebirth of Islamic fundamentalism, starting dramatically with the ouster of the Shah of Iran, and the rebirth of the Persian empire under Islamic radicals or fundamentalists as some would prefer to call them.

This is not a religion of peace but of war, for they will and are called to destroy anyone who opposes the teachings of the Koran.

The book of Revelation spells out that this head is the beast, the antichrist, and that the whole world marveled after it.

Look around you, Muslim's are everywhere, and they are beginning a drive to dominate the politics of America much like they have already done in other countries.

Our President has stated openly that he is a Muslim. Perhaps that will explain why he is fighting alongside the Muslim Brotherhood against Libya. This is why he has ordered surgical strikes, using unmanned drones, against Yemeni's as they attempt to wrestle control of Yemen back into fundamental Islamic hands.

Think about this: though the head, one of many, sustains a wound that appears fatal, and could well represent Islamic rebirth as a controlling factor, it also defines this head as the anti-Christ. That would make this person an extraordinary ruler of these people, even if it is for only a short time.

This is exactly what Islam spells out in their teachings. They are awaiting this man, and they call him the Mahdi, the missing or 12th Imam. Folks he is here.

Every prediction of theirs, that so closely parallels scriptural timelines of end times events, has, in their minds come to pass with the exception of two events. One of which, may not be critical, but details the death of a king of Arabia named Abdullah. Guess what, although there were years when there was no ruler over Arabia named Abdullah, there is now. How he meets his demise will be interesting to watch from a prophetic point of view. It, again, may not be necessary, as so many will probably not bat an eye if they gain the advantage that they feel they want without meeting all the demands of the Koran.

The other awaited event is the return of the Mahdi.


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