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Where did Cain get his wife?

This is meant to be lite hearted, and make you think at the same time.

While we may not definitive answers for everything I believe that God fully intended for the answers to be found.

Now Adam knew Eve his wife, and she conceived and bore Cain, saying, "I have gotten a man with the help of the LORD." And again, she bore his brother Abel. Now Abel was a keeper of sheep, and Cain a worker of the ground.
(Genesis 4:1-2 ESV)

Here is the background for this discussion. Sitting in my old fogies bible study. A friend of mine asks the "off topic" question, "where did Cain find a wife?"
That happens to be a great question. He even added that "Adam and Eve only had two children didn't they?"

The leader of the study responded, "I do not know, I will have to study that out."
If in doubt, study it out. That is a good response, but a student of the bible should have had an answer.
Moments passed and no one could respond to him, therefore she started to move on. I could not stand it and asked if I could field the question.
1. When God spoke to Eve, after the fall, he told her, "I will increase your pain and your labor when you give birth to children". Now why would that be relevant to her unless she had already experienced child birth already. Can I prove that? Well, yes and no. Yes because Cain did take a wife and there is no logical path to that end outside of this. No, because there is nothing in scripture that specifically backs me up.
2. Cain feared that people would kill him. How would he have any concept of other people, unless there were.
3. Therefore he (Cain) fled to the city of Nod. Now mind you, I do not think that the city would have been much more than a hut or two and a fire pit, but none the less, it was a city, with people in it. Has that not ever intrigued you. Where did they come from?

So, let's just say that we do not really know how long Adam and Eve romped in the garden. Physical enjoyment of each other was definitely a limitless aspect of who they were, and we should all know that if you poke a little fun you often get taken seriously. The quantity of offspring could have been tremendous. And the offspring could have easily had their own children.
Why does this concept have to seem so odd. There was no sin until the tree incident, therefore these potential people were living in just the manner that God may have intended heaven on earth to be like.

Now there is another oddity about this that needs consideration. What would the unpolluted offspring, of two people created in God's image be like? Keep in mind that man was created a spirit being first, and then a body was put on him. Did the body suddenly limit anything that he was capable of? I doubt it. You might say that Adam was the first superman. Jesus walked through a locked door, walked on water, possibly rolled back the stone from his own grave - if he did not then he walked through stone as well, and ate fish with the disciples.

Haven't you ever struggled with the sons of God looking upon the daughters of men. What do you think these people were?
Add this into the mix. God gave man dominion over the earth. That is a controlling attitude, all good until sin gets thrown into the mix. Now it becomes selfish desire, and as deadly as dynamite in the hands of a curious child. Suddenly the brakes are thrown on, and everything changed. Sin washed over them like a flood. Strangely we only see the effects demonstrated in Cain and Abel, smashing his brothers head in with a rock. Why? Cain could not even answer the question. Selfish desire. Cain wanted his sacrifice accepted even though he knew it was wrong.

Wait a minute. How would Cain have known that? We do not specifically see anyone telling the boys how and what to do, and why. Who was the one that did know? Adam. After the fall, our two focal points, who happened to be vegetarians at this point, have clothing, made by God, and put on them. Do you really believe that this was all there was to that story? God laid out the entire plan of salvation, at least the parts that were necessary for Adam to cover his transgressions, and God showed him how through the sacrifice of an animal. Adam had to have passed this along to his boys.

Let me muddy up your water a little more.
Enoch walked with God and was no more. Think about that concept. Enoch walked in a state of worship, and fellowship with the Father to the point that he eventually just walked off the earth. Do you realize that God is telling us something beyond what our minds can seem to conceive of.
How did Enoch have an understanding of how to do that? Adam. Enoch was only a few generations out from Adam, and apparently someone who had to know.  "Adam, what was it like walking with him?" Do you realize that Adam was capable of conveying that information to him. Adam, a broken man, thrown out of the garden, and our example of what not to do for thousands of generations. Oh what I would give to have that kind of intimacy with the Father. My heart cries out for that. I want to know you like this man did. I want to feel your breath, to hold your hand, and feel your embrace. To be loved like no one has ever loved me. Father, through tears I ask you to make yourself more real to me, and give the ability to show your love to others.

There is nothing in scripture by accident. It was and is fully intentional, and by design. God is well aware of what he is doing and to whom. If you find yourself desiring to dig into in his  word it is because he put that desire in you. Explore and grow in the wealth and knowledge that is the King the of Glory. Search the scriptures, for in them ....

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