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Jesus was not God.

What some groups teach about Jesus and the Bible's response Adapted from Rose Publications, Christianity, Cults & Religions, 7th Edition.
First off; I do not agree with this statement, at all. I will admit difficulty totally understanding the concept, but I comprehend through scripture that He was God, and therefore have confidence in Jesus being God and accept that as fact.
What initiated this brief dive into the cults and their opposing statements, was a question asked by a co-worker about what the Jehovah Witness believe, because he felt that a person at work was trying to convert him. I did not feel like I gave him a good, solid answer. I have the book, Kingdom of the Cults, by Walter Martin, but I find my self overwhelmed by the amount of information. The Rose chart seems to give me just enough information to satisfy the inquiries of my shallow mind. (My sense of humor)
The Rose chart used John 1:1 as their first definitive answer, so lets take a look at that. IN THE beginn…

Ferrets and Hearing Loss

Early one recent A.M. I was watching a program about people and their pets, specifically ferrets. There is something captivating about how animated they are. Attach a wrecking ball and they could destroy anything. They grab and hide everything. Strangely, while watching, I found myself analyzing whether or not I could fit all these quirks and demands into my life. Suddenly I feel like I am talking about the considerations one might make prior to marriage. Can I, or am I willing to assimilate all these quirks into my life? Ah, who am I kidding, we make well thought out decisions about who we might marry.
What does any of this have to do with hearing loss? I will get to that, just hang on.
Marriage tends to be a short string of quick decisions with either some form of commitment or not. With ferrets you can easily get rid of them. (Not that wise considering they are apparently $1000 a pair). I passed by Dad a short time later and tried to talk with him about. (This was meant to be …

How do you make a tree good?

Matthew 12:33, Jesus is speaking to a bunch of pharisees that denied his being God, and attributed his deliverance of a man to the devil. This is an incredible scene and really deserves you looking at the entire chapter. It is one in which Jesus declares to these knotheads that he is God and God's son. In truth they recognized that for they understood that only God could do what they had just witnessed. Blatantly ignoring truth they blasted him publicly, and made plans to kill him. Jesus gives this as part of his response: “make a tree good and it's fruit will be good,...”
The inverse of that question is: what makes a tree bad? A tree does not know how to be bad, it only knows to do what is inherently in its nature and qualities. A  fruit tree only knows how to produce fruit, or in a sense, be good. That fruit may or may not be suitable for human consumption, but that does not make it bad. An obvious factor is that some trees produce a fruit that is barely noticeable and would b…