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A short course in the Book of Revelation

A piece of preliminary information: I have been reading the Chronicles of Narnia and this has stirred some aspects of my thinking. I find the grace and mercy of God to be even more predominant, not only in the way I think, but I see this aspect of God all throughout the scriptures, and the Revelation is no different.  Other aspects that bring about a clarity to the Revelation: The rise of Islam. Technically we are dealing with a resurrected Ottoman empire. This word resurrected takes on a whole new meaning when applied to the “beast” whose head was wounded. (Check this out at your leisure in Revelation 13); The economic collapse of the nations; The push for one world, socialist government (What makes this more of a reality is things like the Bilderberg group.), The major turn of events going on in America, the nation I live in. I should not fail to note that in many parts of the world Christians are being hunted and killed. The world is not changing, it has changed. Islam is an extraord…