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I have said these things to you so -

I think I mentioned, in a earlier post, that I was now the co-leader of a bible study. This will be the second week in a row that I have had the floor. 
I opened last weeks study by talking about the struggles that I had preparing for that week. Strangely I found myself feeling like I was in a fog. I think part of my problem is how do you keep the word of God fresh, when the men you are leading are not novices, and one in particular is theologically trained and used to lead this study himself. 
Mind you I think that openness and honesty can sometimes lead to some great conversations, and in this case, when the fourth man showed up, it did. 
I had a plan and barring interruptions it would have gone well. But, there are always interruptions, especially from our in-house theologian. I realize that I can take full advantage of the theologians training if it were not for the fact that he will go on for 20 minutes without breathing (just kidding about that; I think.) I think my …