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Saturday morning journal, or "you are not moving my stuff"

Last night I sent another response to my brother-in-law. He had written me several weeks ago and asked me five, rather in-depth questions.

I was trying to respond to his question with the significant changes or impacts I had experienced because of Celebrate Recovery over the last year. I think I gave him several distinct things I can see but I know that there are more. The problem is that what seems so clear one moment is faded weeks later when I try to recall it. I need to carry my journal with me and write this stuff down.

As I opened my copy of "Wild At Heart" by John Eldredge this morning I get this: "That is the way we are with our wound, especially men. We bury it deep and never take it out again. But take it out we must, or better, enter into it."

It was about this time last year that the Boot Camp experience began for me. God had warned me before hand that he was going to open a large wound in me. Standing in line for lunch I looked back at th…

I can understand Thomas. Part 5 of 5

This section on Thomas seems like it could stand alone, we often get sermons that do just that, and yet it is deeply intertwined on the basis of belief, doubt, and mercy. Thomas, it seems, is unfairly singled out, for he believed no more or less than the others. No doubt, Thomas was very open with his thoughts, that does not necessarily make you a dissenter. Historically we know that Thomas died a martyr in the service of Christ, proving his loyalty to the master. In John's gospel, chapter 11, verses 1-54, despite imminent danger at the hands of hostile Jews, Jesus declared His intention of going to Bethany to heal Lazarus,.... John 11:8 NASB The disciples said to Him, "Rabbi, the Jews were just now seeking to stone You, and are You going there again?" Thomas alone opposed the other disciples who sought to dissuade Him, and protested, John 11:16 NASB Therefore Thomas, who is called Didymus, said to his fellow disciples, "Let us also go, so that we may die wit…

It is so easy to do, create a formula for success. Part 4 of ?

Having once again blessed them with a declaration of peace and telling them, “I also send you” he gives them the greatest gift of all, the Holy Spirit.

John 20:22NASBAnd when He had said this, He breathed on them and *said to them, "Receive the Holy Spirit.
The best thing I can do to explain or define what the power of the Holy Spirit can do in a person is to show you how it exuded from Peter. You are going to have to read it, for it is effectively the entire second chapter of Acts. The result of Peter's oration, in direct response to the leading of the Holy Spirit, was that about three thousand souls got saved that day.
“He breathed on them and said to them, "Receive the Holy Spirit.” It so easy to do, create a formula for success. The chief priests and scribes had done just that, and added reams of laws that not even they could keep. Perhaps Jesus in his own way had tried to show that creativity is not inappropriate, for he made mud from spit and had the man wash…

The day started early.

John 20:19 -31; Luke 24 - Part 1
Once again I emphasized my belief that John was writing to Jewish believers. I say this because here he is making the point that it was still the first day. To the Jewish mind there is an instant understanding when John says this. The hearer or reader understood immediately that it is still light, for sunset marks the beginning of a new day. Although John does not expound on it, there were many that made it to the tomb that day. Told by the angel to go and tell the disciples, at least, Mary Magdalene did what the angel asked of her, for she found John and Peter. Jerusalem, even then, was a large city. How was she supposed to find them all, just start running about the city shouting their names? Considering the fear that is expressed by their “shutting” the door I don't think so, for that would have drawn even more unwanted attention. Jesus seemed to make a point of personally addressing the two on the road to Emmaus. (They were headed Nort…