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A prophetic word, given more clearly than I

I have heard and seen things in my spirit that I did not understand and could not explain. I have certainly wanted to because I think that the time of His return is imminent, and I know that many will be left here during the time of wrath and it is not necessary that any of that happen.
Recently I came across a prophetic word on YouTube and within seconds it took my breath away. Why? Because the spirit of the Lord had spoken these same things to me about the time of the end, and here this man is articulating it so clearly.
Listen to his opening statement. He is pleading with you to pray and ask God if He validates these words. You can also validate by comparing what is said with scripture. It will help you if you have a search-able bible program like E sword or The Word.
A Prophetic word given immediately after the Whitestone Conference by:
Steve Quayle - Whitestone Conference Interview
Blessing everyone,
This is the first of June 2014, and we have just completed the conference we had in Bozeman, the Whitestone conference and God moved mightily. Multiples upon multiples of deliverance; people were delivered.
I want to share a Word of the Lord that I got days ago but I was not free to give it until now, after the conference. Historically, the Lord has given me words like this every couple of years, and when he does it kind of puts me in awe because I know somethings ready to get really loosed in the earth and here it is, and I urge everyone that listens to any property from me or anybody else to take it to the word of the Lord and ask, did you speak to us; and seek the absolute validation and verification from the Word of God, because my responsibility is to give it, but your responsibility is to see if these things be so.
                To the daughter of Babylon, the great whore who sits on many waters. My fury and wrath is about to be unleashed upon your land and the high priests and priestesses who have brought destruction upon your country.
                You have been sold into slavery, and you shall not remember the freedoms of yesterday as my hand of blessing and protection is lifted. Like a termite eaten foundation that crumbles, so have your freedoms and blessings been chewed away by the unrelenting appetite and greed to those you voted for; who have declared their hatred and contempt for  all that is just and pure.
                Oh nation that is poised for destruction, you have broken the covenant of life that I made with your forefathers, and whom I blessed with the nation unlike any other in the history of the world. The penalty for idolatry has always been destruction as the fallen ones and their followers can only produce death.
                The great blood feast of the evil one is fully underway, and soon everything, everything that has been a blessing will turn upon you in an instant and become a curse. Your sweet water will turn bitter, and where they were once a source of refreshing they will turn sour and disappear. The bounty of your fruited plains will turn to dust as starvation takes hold. All the medical advances that once prolonged life and cured those diseases of long ago, will be released by he who only comes to kill, to rob, and destroy; and those who willingly yield themselves to eternal damnation.
To my people who sit silently compromising with the powers of hell, do you not know your silence is acquiescence to your own slaughter. Think about those words; the Lord himself is saying, if we keep our tongues and do not take the word of God and withstand evil we are complicit in our own destruction. Life and death is in the power of the tongue, as you fail to declare my Word and stand for righteousness you surrender to those who will destroy you, abandoned by the principal(?) who has deceived you.
Friendship with this world is enmity with the living God. Peace at any price is a lie. Compromises destroying you both of your earthly blessings and will keep you from your eternal reward that I have promised to you in my word.
Now I speak concerning the graven images you have setup and allowed in your land. Whether Egyptian, Babylonian, or Greek idols, I will smite the land of idols with great quakes which will alter life as you have ever known it before.
The statue of the evil ones in the center of your country will bow before me, even as the statue of Dagon did before my holy ark in the Philistine temple. As the earth opens its mouth I will bring down the vanities and the lying lips, along with the pomp and splendor of your highest officials who worship the father of lies.
Their secret oaths and ceremonies, along with their covenants with the prince of hell, I will make known and judge. The burnt offerings of my little ones who are thrown into the arms of Molech, will I avenge, for their unquenchable desire for blood will soon be met with the very blood of those who slaughter the innocents, and then burn their bodies as an act of underworld worship.
Repent; stand-fast in the power of my might, infused with the power of my Holy Spirit, and the authority that I have given to you. The only reason evil triumphs is because my people fail to stand against it, in my name.
Let not sin have dominion over you, for I have given you the victory. If you will but appropriate it by faith and the power of the blood of the lamb. But they that know their God shall be strong and do exploits.
We now live in the time period, where before 20 and 30 years ago, and even later in where maybe even in the last five years where everything was in the prophetic future. Now at this point in history, on the first of June, 2014, everything is in motion. Were facing, ladies and gentlemen, a one world government; were facing a one world religion; were facing a one world currency. Who are you facing, how will you stand in that day?
Steve Quayle at this point, spoke about a conversation he had moments before taping this presentation. Stating, “that so much is in motion now.” Steve Quayle quotes Demetri Deuterman who said, “When the angel of the Lord appeared to him and said, Demetri, The mind of man cannot understand what is about to take place.”
Jesus made an amazing statement, “if I told you earthly things and you believe me not, how can I tell you heavenly things.” And ladies and gentlemen, if you live in denial with chemtrail skies, with the police state unfolding before you, you just say, I don’t want to hear it. Then you have got to ask yourself, are you a lover of the truth, because if you are not a lover of the truth you will be sucked in and taken by seducing spirits, and you will believe a lie and there comes a point of no return.
We are at a point right now, that all things laid out in the prophetic words of Jesus, all the prophecies that we read and watched, and prophecies, whether they be in the book of Daniel, of Isaiah, of Ezekiel, Zechariah, Nehemiah, Nahum, Joel, the point being is we’re in play, everything is in play.
So I want you to understand that this is now the time that we must seek the Lord while he may be found. This is the time that we must cry out to God, Oh Lord, open my eyes. And this is the time that we need to trust in the Lord with all our might, with all our strength, and with all our essence, because with out Him, Jesus, we can do nothing.
Forget about your religiousness, put it aside; Forget about your self righteousness, put it aside, and lift up your eyes for your redemption draweth nigh because we are to be over-comers. And you need to start worrying about the resurrection power of the Lord Jesus Christ unto a dying nation, for truly, ladies and gentlemen, everything is in play at this moment in time.
The end of the transcribed portion. I post this with permission of Mr. Quayle.
You can have a confidence and hope if you have a relationship with Jesus Christ. That happens when you relinquish control and turn your life over to him. Just ask him and allow him to make himself real to you. He will and you will become a changed person as you allow him to work in you.
Avoid the wrath that is coming upon the earth and enjoy a hope in the Father. He will come for.


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