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The questions I hear.

I am deeply troubled to hear such lack of understanding among “God's” people. Far to many, in trying to convey their knowledge of end times events and the Revelation of Jesus, speak from tradition and what someone else has told them. It is confusing to say the least. 
This came out of multiple interactions with followers of Christ that do not have a clue, and many vehemently argue their incorrect positions without adequate scripture to back them up. Do we not realize how foolish we look to the world and to other believers when we do this? What will it take to get you to read your bibles? How can you possibly know and understand the character of God unless you go to the source instead of conjecture.
Since I began writing this I started a new job. That is vital to my welfare, as you might imagine, but it also pulled me away from writing and studying; aspects of my life in Christ that I love. I also came across Pastor Raul Reis speaking on the radio about this very thi…