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What does pleading the blood mean? Subtitle: Why we don't do this anymore.

Monday morning men's bible study. Where every week is a fiasco and this week was no different as it initiated with: "What does pleading the blood mean?" It should have been subtitled, “Why we don't do this anymore.” Thank God we don't. The so-called Bible study took a broad swath through the Old Testament as the substitute leader tried desperately to find and then create scenarios from the law and other examples. Since that failed miserably, he sought to get us to consider the children of Israel, in bondage, under Egyptian rule. He said, "putting the blood on the doorposts, not only demonstrated the power of God but also showed God's mercy, for anyone could receive that mercy by entering in under the roof of that house." [ Go read about the Passover in Exodus 12.] While there is some truth in what he said, it is twisted, and the implication takes God instructions far beyond the context of bringing Egypt to its knees. When you consider the nature of the a…

Drunk with the wine of her immorality - The woman in purple.

My pastor gave us the heads up that he would be teaching on prophecy recently; that day has come and gone, but the ripple effect has continued for several weeks. The subject was, “Where is the United States in Bible Prophecy?” He has been our pastor for a little over a year and thankfully he has delved into end times prophecy on several occasions. One of the points he tried to make in this particular sermon had to do with the woman clothed in purple. He stated that the woman represented the church. Just hearing this throws up a string of red flags for me, and this was only one of the issues I had. So let's talk about this.  As I sat with several of the men, one who goes to the church said, "wasn't that a great talk? He covered it all so well." I am learning to soften my blows so as not to dishearten someone so excited. I responded by saying, yes, he made his point well, but there were points he made that I take issue with. The Apostle Paul ran into people like this b…