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A word to the body, It was valid then, and it is valid today.

God has grabbed my attention and shown me an image like a noisy drill sergeant, which snaps out commands to soldiers under his authority. You soldiers are Marines, and he gives a series of instructions, finishing with an energetic “Semper Fi” (Always faithful.)

Why? Knowing little about the background of those under his command, he must create in these new recruits a skill level, so that during times of war they will not have to be coached on how to survive and who they are.

God called and you enlisted you; now through God’s word He has trained you and you have become the person God designed you to be. You have questioned your standing with God and wondered why you have struggled with the simple sins; it seems as though you cannot rise above life’s circumstances.

Romans 5:15 Gives you an answer.
… For if by the transgression of the one (Adam) the many died, (the entire human race) much more did the grace (favor though undeserved) of God and the gift by the grace of the one man, Jesus Christ, abound to the many.

We were all born into sin, and sin required a death. Jesus paid the price required for us, brought on by Adam, with His own life.

If you think you are alive because you breathe, know this, it is only through Christ that you live, and move, and have your being.

If you have not been commissioned, or do not understand who you are, then I would have you stand to your feet and commission you. I would look into your eyes so that I could see that what is being said to you is becoming an image that is emblazoned in your memory and heart. Another way of putting this is in relation to knighthood. You would be announced before the public, and given parameters concerning your abilities, your sphere of influence, and how you impact others and the kingdom.

Perhaps you understand these concepts already and yet you struggle; I would remind you of whom you are.

As you stand before God the King, I commission you this day in the presence of the God whom I serve and have sent me; I declare by God’s hand who you are this day.

You have been adopted into a royal family, a family whose nobility shall never cease. This adoption of yours came through your acknowledgment of Jesus Christ as the redeemer of your life. I declare that from this day forward you are free from the sinful nature that held you down and separated you from God. I declare to you that because you have accepted Christ’s death and burial that you have buried you old nature with Him and like Christ, you are now raised to new life. A life in which your human nature is now hidden in Christ, regardless of what it seems like.

Will you have opportunity to stumble? Absolutely, but you are to remember this day; the day that God’s servant declared to you who you were. You are nobility and through the Word of God you have trained yourself to rule and conduct yourself as a king. Your calling in life is to rise to your highest potential in Christ, and carry His presence in you as you wear the royal robe; a robe that was washed in the blood of the one who made you able to be adopted. When you stumble you are to get up, dust yourself off, remind yourself of who you are, and stand in an erect, dignified manner for you represent the Kingdom of the Most Exalted God. The only One to who praise is due.

You have been: Washed, Clothed in Him, made new, brought into the family of God, established, caused to reign, and given the Father's authority to rule over and change this life.

Let God's Grace, which poured out toward you when you did not deserve it be the light that you pour out toward others.

Until we reign together in Glory, all my love in the Holy Spirit.


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