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What an odd statement.

(7/21/13) Our usual men's Sunday morning bible study. 
The leader opened in prayer, asked if someone wanted to read the passages, which they did, and then said something that I do not remember. He then turned to the group and said anyone have anything to say about what was read, giving me the impression that he had nothing.
I always have something to say. I operate on the principle of always be prepared to give witness to the faith that is in you. So, I waited several long, silent moments to see if anyone else would jump in, and then I started with verse one of John chapter 10. 
The gospel of John is awesome, powerful, and consistently demonstrates that Jesus was God. One of the men in our group has seminary training and feels that his dominance and voice is mandatory for most discussions. This morning with only an hour of time, he consumed 40 minutes of it, taking us on several circuitous routes 180 degrees from where we needed to be. 
To have someone skilled in theologi…

All your life...

I want to share some things with you that might explain where I have been for the last couple of weeks.
First I placed myself into the recovery program at my church. 
I am fairly sure I mentioned this before but it plays a significant role in how my time is spent, and how my life is changing for the better. It is called Celebrate Recovery. 
While many of the people there have issues with alcohol and drugs that is not my problem. My problem is: we have an enemy that takes pleasure in stealing, killing and destroying anything that looks like God, and since we accepted Christ into our lives and have been formed into his image we are even larger targets. I have battled with abuses, frustrations, depression, fear, self-esteem issues, and the desire to hide from it all, all my life. I imagine many of you have had comparable or worse issues and possibly handled them better than me. I reacted in rage. I believe the rage came as a result of what felt like helplessness and inadequacies…