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See to it that you be not troubled. (That was not my intent)

I posted this on FaceBook. I felt led to post it here too.

I share many disturbing things with you for the purpose of making you aware.

If you are awake then  perhaps you can withstand what the enemy is doing and if nothing else fight back in prayer.

Last evening I had these words rush through my head, "See to it that you be not troubled!"

Yes, no doubt it can be overwhelming if you focus on what is going on around you. (This becomes a real issue when you are a believer living in a nation where violence against followers of any opposing belief is met with extreme violence and death.)

Focus on who your salvation is and the difference He can make through you if you let him. This is the time of  release. God will release His power through  those who will put their trust in Him and allow Him to move them.
(John 10:3-4b ESV)
The sheep hear his voice, and he calls his own sheep by name and leads them out. When he has brought out all his own, he goes before them,
and the she…

Now for the obvious. John 10:2

In my last post I talked about the thief of John 10:1. Now I focus on the shepherd. 
Something I heard on the Christian radio station caught my attention. The speaker said that a good writer catches your attention when he speaks on an emotional level. I try to do that, primarily because I pulled into a story line, or scripture, because it speaks to me in that way. This emotional level to me has much to do with my being open and honest with you, telling you that some things hurt or confuse me. Maybe by doing this we can both get through what ever it is. 
Every time I read scripture I create an emotional connection by trying to look into their imaginary faces and listen for the tone of the words being spoken (I call it putting flesh and blood on them). This emotional aspect becomes important because we can receive the same sarcastic joke differently depending upon the tone and the relationship we have with the person saying it (I speak from experience). 
Consider Jesus Christ,…