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I have struggled lately with Self-esteem.

I have struggled lately. Not with “sin” but with learned behaviors and the longing to be free of them. As some of you know I put myself into a recovery group at church because I need to get a handle on this (poor choice of words seeing as you find out quickly that everything that you have done has not worked and it is only the act of turning your life over to Jesus Christ, continually, that affects any change in your life.) On the plus side I am now the co-leader of a men's bible study.

One of the guys from the 12 step group, passes me a note at the end of last nights meeting. It says read Psalm 139 everyday for one week.

I opened the computer this morning to that Psalm. If you have never been involved in groups like these, there are guidelines, read at the beginning of every meeting, and one of those rules are, there is no cross talk allowed. That means no one gets to interject, interrupt, or try to advise while you are talking. If you are struggling with self-esteem…